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Colorado Home Front wants to be your trusted firm and has over 30 years of experience. We have personally been involved with over 348 fix and flips and Income producing properties. We want to be the front line to all your Real Estate Investing needs. From Income Property to Fix and Flips and everything in between. We are here for you and would be honored to serve you.

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Best Investor and Home Owner Loans- All In One Heloc

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What Are The Best Markets To Invest In?…

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We help identify Real Estate Investment Locations on behalf of our clients. We have negotiated better deals for our clients and assist with Asset Protection Strategies once you find Investment properties. 

We work with DFY our Trusted partner and find states, cities, and neighborhoods that can maximize cash flow and potential appreciation, while still being safe neighborhoods where people want to live, thus resulting in tenants who should take care of your home, and faithfully pay you rent.

Our clients are NOT in the business of swinging for the fences… they are in the business of hitting real estate singles and doubles… our clients don’t go “BIG,” our clients go DEPENDABLE. Our clients know that if you hit enough singles with enough frequency, you will win EVERY game you play.

Every week, we send out a handful of new properties, any of which would drastically increase your investment portfolio’s “on base percentage.”  We are not looking to make our clients in to overnight millionaires, we are in the business of helping our clients replace their incomes one investment property, and any of the homes you see on this site WILL help you do exactly that.

Everything we share with you is rooted in data. You will not see speculation on this site, you will see mathematic prognostication, historical data, and information based on the last 10 years of helping our clients transact over $400,000,000 in investment real estate.


Between our in-office team, DFY our trusted partners, and our “boots on the ground” teams in each of these markets, we can help you maximize safety, cash flow, appreciation, and tax benefits, while simultaneously minimizing your risk. Our clients have found that minimizing risk, and increasing safety, has also increased the predictability of their portfolio. Redefining your retirement, and replacing your income with real estate investments is more than a investment philosophy, it’s an investment system that DFY has proven for our clients for more than a decade.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Why Invest In Indianapolis?

– Population 1,905,981
– Known as the crossroads of America
– Projected population growth of 15% per year until 2050
-Cost of living index is 11% lower than midwest averages
– Ranks #1 business climate in Midwest, #6 in the U.S.
– Ranking #1 in pass-through highways

Memphis, Tennessee

Why Invest In Memphis?

– Population 1.3 Million Residents
– Located on the banks of the Mississippi River
– Home to Graceland (Elvis’ Estate)
– Birthplace of Rock’n Roll
– Home to the busiest air cargo airport in the world
– 5 Class 1 rail systems
– Over 300 trucking companies

Orlando, Florida

Why Invest In Orlando?

– Center of the Orlando metropolitan area with a population of over 2.3 million people
– As the theme park capital of the world it draws more than 68 million visitors a year
– Home to over 100 lakes
-According to Forbes, Orlando is one of the top 3 Markets in America to invest in

Charlotte, North Carolina

Why Invest In Charlotte?

– Population 842,051
– The largest city in North Carolina
– 3rd fastest growing major city in the United States
-Corporate headquarters of Bank of America
-East coast operations of Wells Fargo.
-Second largest banking center in the United States.

See The Charlotte Townhomes

See The Charlotte Single Family Homes

Properties with this loan. You must have additional Income personally or in your Investment Properties for this Loan to work. It attacks your Loan with your Income. The longer you can keep your Income in the Loan the more Interest it reduces. Call for a complete Explanation takes about 20 min. We will show you how to use in on your personal property or Investments to make wealth quickly. It cuts 40% to 80% Interest so Incredible wealth creation. 



Quick Videos from Attorney that Answers many of the Questions about Asset Protection Techniques, Investing Strategies, and Corporate Structures.



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