9 tips for selling your property at the best price


Just like buying, selling a home requires good preparation. To make sure you have everything on your side, think about every detail:

·       The Real Estate Agent;

·       The Home inspection;

·       The Price estimation;

·       The property Renovations;

·       and more …

Discover our 9 tips for selling your property fast and at the best price.


1.   Have your home inspected

Do you know your home as well as you think you do? An inspection might change your mind. Homeowners don't always have an objective look at the house they've lived in for years. Yet the problems it hides often force them to lower their prices.

The home inspector can identify minor and major repairs that need to be done. He can detect potential flaws and more serious problems, such as cracks in the foundation, water infiltration, or mold in the basement. In this way, you will establish a fair and equitable price in accordance with the actual condition of your property.

On the other hand, a buyer who has been informed that the house has been professionally inspected will be more confident. So don't hesitate to provide him with the inspection report to further convince him and encourage him to make an offer to purchase.



2.   Estimate the price of your property

An estimate that does not correspond to the local property market price may delay a house's sale. In the case of a real estate transaction, it is not so much the price at which you bought your house or flat that is important but how much it is worth today.

Take the time to study the real estate prices in your area, and do not hesitate to consider the improvements and expansions you may have made. You can use calculators and worksheets before you set your price. A real estate broker would be able to help you determine the price of the property for sale, in addition to advising you on how to quickly find a buyer.



3.   Renovate to better sell your home

If your home is relatively old, then a renovation may be necessary to put all the odds in your favor. Start by refreshing the walls and using light colors to maximize the space in your rooms.

If your goal is to create a "wow" effect to mark the buyers who visit your property, then opt for a kitchen and/or bathroom renovation. These are the two most important rooms in a house, and they may well tip the balance in your favor.


4.   Take care of your decoration, atmosphere, garden, exterior and the Visit


To be sold, a property must be clean, and this starts from the outside. Before entering, the buyer will look at the general aspect (paintings, windows, door...). If at first glance everything is clean, it is a good start. If the first impression is negative, it will be difficult to reverse the trend.


For the interior, respect a few basics. Don't forget that each room must have a specific function. This is very important and will allow the customer to project himself in them.

For decoration, favor sobriety and avoid colors that are too flashy. It will be more difficult for a person to project themselves in an orange, red or black house than in a house where the decor is white, grey, and assorted. A few tips can help you do this. The intervention of a home staging specialist can be effective in revealing the potential of any room. If you feel it is necessary, do not hesitate to contact one. The more sober, airy, tidy, organized, and clean your home is, the more likely you are to sell it.


Also, take care of your garden as much as possible. Mow your lawn, cut down dead branches, put away your tools... it's the least you can do. Admit that it is not very exciting to discover a garden with high grasses and car parts. I'm exaggerating a bit, but I think you get the idea.


Orchestrate the Visit properly

Once your selling price has been set, your ad is written, it's time for visits. This stage is crucial because it is decisive in the choice of the buyer. You need to know how to orchestrate the Visit of a house or a flat in order to show it off to its best advantage:

·   Favor sunny hours so that your house is bright and airy.

·   Your house must be perfectly clean and tidy.


5.   Highlighting your home with beautiful photos

We often underestimate taking pictures of our property at the time of the sale. Take nice pictures of your flat or house. If you look at the advertisements published on the big sales sites, you will be struck by the photos and descriptions' amateurism, even when real estate agents take them.

When a buyer is going to spend $200, $300, or $600,000, he expects to have photos that are clear and descriptive enough. If you don't have a camera, buy one or borrow one, and if you're not a professional photographer, don't hesitate to get help! Take beautiful pictures in good weather after you have tidied and cleaned up the house. Make the buyer want to come!




6.   Let them know that your property is on the market and write a precise advertisement.

It is essential that you communicate about your sales project. Talk about it with your friends and family, but also via social networks and advertising sites. However, be careful not to overdo it! Multiplying the number of ads with different estate agencies is certainly a good idea (optimizing the chances of your ad being seen) but risks overexposing your property (and therefore undermining its credibility). If potential buyers see that your house or flat is being put up for sale at different prices on several agency sites, potential buyers might find it suspicious that you are trying so hard to get rid of it...


Writing the announcement of the sale of the property can make all the difference. For example, highlight the qualities of the house, but don't overdo it. Avoid superlatives and be honest. Describe your property as it really is.

·   Does the living room have a cellar? If so, what is its area?

·   What is the distance between your home and the first shop?

·   Highlight the assets of your property (garden, large rooms, orientation) to enable potential future buyers to plan ahead and make them want to come and visit.


Opt for an efficient estate agency

The real estate agent takes all the heaving load out of your life: visits, administrative procedures, etc...

The choice of your estate agent is surely the most important choice, along with the selling price, to determine your project's success.

Choose a real estate agency with a very strong digital presence! More than 95% of real estate searches start with a smartphone in hand.

Choose a real estate agency at the cutting edge of new technologies, which will be able to showcase your property and make buyers pre-visit it thanks to videos, virtual tours, etc.


7.   Sell your property at the right time.

What? There is a good and a bad time to sell your property? Yes, there is! Let me explain...

Did you know that the majority sales transactions take place from early spring until about November? In the winter, the market slows down, and buyers think more about holidays than buying a property.

After all, nothing prevents you from putting your property up for sale in winter, but if your property does not sell quickly and your ad is on a reputable site for six months, buyers will spot it and wonder if there isn't a problem.

Wait, wait for the right season and the sun to come out and sell!



8.   Negotiating with the buyer

Once a visitor wishes to buy your home, he or she makes an offer to purchase, which must be made in writing, ideally through the estate agent who will coordinate the negotiations. If the buyer makes you an offer for the price, you will have no choice but to accept it, and you can formalize your agreement. But in most cases, buyers make a proposal below the price set by the seller, and this is where the negotiation comes into play.

To approach it calmly, start by assessing the selling price:

·       Have you set a fair and consistent price, based on the estate agent's advice?

·       Have you set a price that is higher than the online estimates given by professionals?

You should also be aware that, on average, the negotiation margin is between 2% and 5%. It is important to know this information in order to make your choice. Finally, be objective and listen to the buyer's arguments:

·   What is the general state of the property?

·   Does it need any work?

·   And, above all, does the offer to purchase come after only a few days,

·    or has the property already been on sale for several months?


9.   Respect your commitments to the buyers.

During discussions with the buyer, you may have made certain commitments in order to reach an agreement on the price. These include, for example, the work to be carried out. These commitments will be formalized in the preliminary sales agreement. This condition specifies that the current owner must carry out work before the future owner signs the final sales document. The nature of the work and its precise designation must be mentioned. If the work is not carried out, the sale may be canceled. Therefore, it is best to keep your commitments to avoid any postponement or cancellation of the sale.