Alexa Elliot and the Colorado Home Front team are working overtime as they are seeing record home sales in Colorado. Sales hit a record of 10,771 in July. Much of it is because people are leaving states like New York and California in record numbers and buying homes in Denver and the surrounding cities.We also had a jump in new listings of 8.6 percent but single family homes are down 42 percent causing a hug bidding war on every home that is listed. Alexa says she has never seen anything like it in her 22 years as an agent in Denver Colorado.

The state of Colorado has become a Top 10 destination for many wealthy Millennials and Gen-xers. They are moving to this beautiful state with a ton of outdoor activities to help with the Coronavirus blues. Alexa says " People like to get out and breath fresh air its great".

Properties with Land and Ranches are also selling fast because people want space and I see preppers (people who prepare for possible crisis situations) buying land all over Colorado. Alexa knows as she owns her own ranch and raises Lowline Angus Cattle. This is Alexa with one of her baby calfs.


Our site which is updated every 5 min for the newest listings has clients waiting minute by minute until a listing shows up and then bidding wars start as the competition is fierce! I feel bad sometimes as it's not fair for some of my clients as they don't have a lot of money. I even give up some of my commision to help clients try to outbid the competition. We fight hard and hours are long as we have to work twice has hard to get a deal for our buyers. Alexa is the #1 Buyers agent in Colorado so it's tough right now!

The clients I have placed into Homes are breaking records with the equity in their homes going up month after month. I'm happy or them and their families as I strive to have clients for life and clients are always happy when we make them money.

For the Seller side Alexa is also Top 10 of all agents in Colorado and is one of the Top Listing Agents. Listings are great they are selling fast and for more money and we work hard for our clients creating a frenzee on the listing by all of our social media and marketing strategies. We give each client a FREE Strategy Season were we develop the plan for selling the home. We don't just sell homes we assist with asset protection and estate planing as well as tax strategies. Many of these strategies must be in place before we sell, so our clients get the maximum benefit of the sale.

If you would like more information on the Denver Real Estate Market please contact Alexa Elliot and the Colorado Home Front Team to assist you with your home Buying or Selling needs.