Best Neighborhoods to visit in Denver Colorado

Denver is the most populous city in the state of Colorado and boasts one of the most unique city park systems in the nation. The food scene in Denver is an attention grabber, as Denver is known for its New Mexican cuisine and seafood like oysters and rainbow trout.

Denver is also home to many affluent neighborhoods that consistently draw visitors and new residents in across the country. One neighborhood that consistently ranks in the top places to live in Denver is Central Park.

This neighborhood was previously known as Stapleton and has plenty to offer. Central Park has 11 public and private schools, 50 parks, and 7 pools for residents to enjoy. In addition, Central Park is renowned for being one of the wealthiest zip codes in the Denver area.


There is always plenty to do in Central Park. Some of the most popular activities available to residents and visitors include biking, hiking, rock climbing, and bocce ball. Central Park is also a haven for dogs, joggers, and rollerbladers due to the vast amount of open space and paved trails accessible for residents.


Schools in the Central Park area consistently rank among the very best in the state. Aurora Central High School has a unique innovation plan that gives students autonomy and draws in people of all different backgrounds. Northfield High School is Denver’s newest high school and has a more progressive approach to its academic programs.

Moving to Central Park

According to Redfin, homes for sale in Central Park have a median sale price of $702,500, making it one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Colorado. Residents in Central Park enjoy nice weather year-round, and the neighborhood is home to many top schools in the state which makes Central Park a great place to invest in Colorado.

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