X Simple Steps To Selling Your Home Fast



Do you want to sell your home as quickly as you can?

According to a study by Zillow, several factors affect the number of days your property stays on the market. These include location, type of market (seller’s or buyer’s market), property’s condition, price, etc. Homes in Peoria, Illinois, take as long as 136 days on the market, while in Palo Alto, CA, properties stay only 36 days on the market. The national average number of days on the market is 68.

You may want to sell your home fast for several reasons like a new job far away from home, urgent need for money, minimize spending on maintenance, etc. It is essential to know that sellers spend more on maintenance fees when homes stay long on the market. Also, potential buyers feel a home that stays long on the market has hidden issues.

This article will provide you with six simple steps to selling your home fast.

1.     Hire a good real estate agent


The first step to selling your home fast is hiring the right real estate agent. The real estate agent you choose should be the one that understands the local market and can show records of previous sales. Good real estate agents have adequate experience in the business. They will guide you throughout the entire process. Good real estate agents also have the appropriate tools to ease the process and help you sell the home fast.

2.     Declutter and clean your home

Clutter can make your home unattractive and dirty. It would be best to declutter your property before you list it. Discard or give out items you no longer need. Get storage for valuable appliances or furniture. When you declutter your home, it appears spacious. As a result, buyers will see more value in the property. After decluttering, hire professional cleaners to perform a deep cleaning on the property.

3.     Depersonalize your home


It would be best to remove all personal items from the property. Every potential buyer wants to visualize themselves in the home. However, it will be difficult for them to do so with your articles everywhere. For that reason, provide a blank slate to give them a better chance of picturing their items in the home.

4.     Stage the home

Your home has specific features that will not be apparent until you highlight them. That is where home staging comes to play. Home staging involves the process of decorating your home to accent the desirable features.

You can also furnish the house with modern and light furniture. If you are repainting the walls, choose neutral colors. Bold colors may not be suitable for many buyers. That is because it doesn’t blend with furniture colors.

Your staging should also involve lighting. It is advisable to allow more natural lights into the home. Doing so will brighten the house and make it appear spacious. Professional stagers can help you achieve more with home staging.

It would also be better to make the necessary repairs on walls, floors, cabinets, etc. Repair all holes, dents, scratches, nicks, and other defects.

5.     Price it competitively


Home prices affect the time they stay on the market. If it is too high, the home will spend more days on the market. However, you should also not sell your home at a low price just because you want to sell it fast. All you need is to set a competitive price.

How do you do this? Your realtor or real estate agent will study similar properties in your neighborhood before deciding the price. They will check how much other people sold comparable homes and the recent price others are asking for similar properties.

You can also use online home estimate tools to know what to expect before pricing. It is advisable to price your home slightly lower than similar houses if you want to sell it fast. Also, you can review the price after a particular date if you do not receive offers.

6.     Enhance the curb appeal

One of the best ways to sell your home fast is by creating a favorable first impression on buyers. Your home’s exterior is the first aspect potential buyers will see before assessing the interior. That is the best opportunity to create a lasting first impression.

To achieve this, you can do the following:

·        Mow your lawn.

·        Trim the trees and shrubs.

·        Paint your exterior walls and front door.

·        Plant flowers.

·        Power wash the walkway and driveway.

·        Wash the windows.

·        Repair all broken exterior features.

The list is endless, and these are a handful of things you can quickly do to enhance the property’s curb appeal.

The bottom line

You can sell your home fast if you make it more attractive. An example of how to do this is by offering a transferable warranty for the home, such that buyers will enjoy discounted repairs and replacements.

Another example is offering to pay part or all the closing costs. Your real estate agents can suggest other juicy offers to attract fast sales.